Ezekiel Elliot is a pro football player who simply does not like the usual fit of football jerseys. He likes to hike up his shirt on the field, showing off his washboard abs and leading to the Ezekiel Elliot crop top phenomenon. While he can’t wear it in official games due to NCAA and NFL rules, he has maintained his position as the crop top guy in the football world. Here’s everything you need to know about this professional athlete who refuses to have basic fashion on or off the field.

Who Is Ezekiel Elliot?

Ezekiel Elliot is currently a professional NFL player for the Dallas Cowboys. He is a running back and has been with the team since 2016. He is a great football player, but what he is most known for are his flashy fashion antics.

Early Life

Mr. Elliot was born on July 22nd, 1995 in St. Louis, MO. He comes from a long line of athletes. His dad was a linebacker in college, his grandfather was a college basketball sensation and his mother excelled in athletics in high school too. Elliot experimented with a few different sports in high school, but landed on football as his favorite at John Borroughs School. Even so, he earned himself many accolades as a track star, including the award of “Gatorade Track Athlete of the Year” for the whole state of Missouri.

Sports Career

After high school, Ezekiel went to Ohio State University where he dedicated himself to football. In his first year there, he played so well that he got onto the Academic All-Big Ten Conference team. Throughout his college career, he definitely helped the Ohio State Team win key games and make it into exciting championships. He earned the coveted title of Offensive MVP in several key games like the 2015 Sugar Bowl, showing that everyone noticed his impeccable talent, even before his professional career.

Sports Success

Elliot was drafted straight to the NFL from college. He signed a four-year contract to start, worth $25 million, and received a $16 million signing bonus. With this new contract he bought his parents a beautiful new house. What a great first job! In his first season, he was already breaking records and winning awards. That first year he earned his way into the pro-bowl, a special game between star AFC & NFC players. It is a great honor for anyone, but especially for a young player just starting out.

Personal Life

Ezekiel Elliot tends to keep quiet about his personal life. However, he was sidelined for six games in 2017 over the allegations that he injured his girlfriend, Tiffany Thompson, three times before the pair broke up the previous year. Most of the strife occurred before he was even in the NFL, but due to some similar high profile cases, the organization is taking these types of accusations more seriously.

On a happier note, Elliot is a total animal lover and he has a few truly cute pooches who are so adorable that they have their own Instagram! Ace, Deuce and Jack are his pups and Ezekiel’s fans love to fawn over them on social media.

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Ezekiel himself is a bit of a social media sensation these days, with over 2.5 million followers on Instagram, more than 2 million on Twitter and a Facebook fan page with a healthy following.

Ezekiel is not afraid of needles, evidenced by his many tattoos. He tends to get them to commemorate special events in his life, like his participation in Ohio State’s national championship. He also got a big tattoo of a wolf on his shoulder in 2016, because he said it was the “year of the wolf.” Most recently he got a tribute to his mom inked on his body.

Ezekiel Elliot’s Crop Top

The aforementioned crop top jersey look is Ezekiel’s signature. He started wearing it back in his college days, but back then, hardly anyone noticed his unique choice to roll up the bottom of his jersey at times, except game officials. In 2015 the NCAA enacted a rule that prevented Ezekiel from wearing his signature look. However, that didn’t stop his fans from comically putting their own versions up on social media!

Even so, Ezekiel kept wearing his signature style to warmups and practices. When he made it to the NFL, he kept his style, but again, rules prevented him from wearing it during the game. However, during warmups you can probably catch a glimpse of Ezekiel’s cut ab muscles with his crop top look. He even wore his crop top look before his appearance in the Pro Bowl, despite the fact that it was only 50 degrees out! Now, that’s commitment to style.

Why He Does It

You might think that a handsome guy like Mr. Elliott would wear such a style to show off his muscular body (and he does have one to show off) but he reports that it is more about comfort. He simply doesn’t like the way it feels when a loose shirt is rubbing him the wrong way. However, now it has become so iconic that he may retain this look for his personal brand and to remind his fans of who he is - the star running back with the crop top jersey!

Off the Field

Hopeful football players wear their best duds to The NFL Draft, the event that sees star players getting recruited to pro teams. Elliott brought this up a notch with a snazzy crop top suit. As if the flashy blue blazer and crisp white pants weren’t enough to draw a fan’s eye, his blue and white checked shirt, specifically tailored to show off his midriff. While some who hadn’t heard of him raised an eyebrow at the style, those in Dallas are thrilled to have this guy with an eye for style on their side.

Social Media Fun

Even back in his college days, Ezekiel’s fans loved to spoof his crop top look. In 2015 some Ohio State student superfans organized a card event where they posted up his number with brown cards at the bottom to represent his midriff. Some other spirited students wore red crop tops with fake abs painted on in order to show their pride.

He has inspired his own hashtag: #incroptopswetrust because he may have a wacky style, but he is a very dependable player. In 2017, while Ezekiel was suspended, his teammate had his back. Joe Looney came out onto the field not only wearing Ezekiel’s jersey but wearing it in his signature midriff-baring style. The joke was a hit on social media!

Get Your Own Ezekiel Elliott Crop Top Style

Ezekiel Elliott knows where it is at when it comes to football jersey styles. The Dallas Cowboys have an official Ezekiel Elliott crop top with his jersey number, but you don’t have to be a Cowboys fan to enjoy a short shirt. Get a crop top that celebrates your personal favorite team or player to show your spirit and look cute at the same time. Show up to the game ready to stun and cheer. Pair it with booty shorts and a pair of gladiator sandals for those warm early fall days, or wear leggings and a chunky boot with a festive scarf and leather jacket for those end of the season games when it’s a bit colder.

Even guys can enjoy a little crop top action, as proven by the star player himself. Bare your midriff to show that you’re a true Ezekiel Elliott fan, no matter if you’ve got his six pack or not.

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